Introducing the "Adler Fashion Coaching" - a Psychology Based Image Consultation

Dear Readers,

I am pleased to announce today a new type of image consultation. Unlike your personal color system or your energy based system, the Adler Fashion Coaching is a Psychology based fashion system developed from my years of research and various trainings worldwide.

As many of you know, I have learnt a great deal from Dressing Your Truth by Carol Tuttle, Project 333 by Courtney Carver, various Capsule Wardrobe formulas, Fashion Feng Shui, Jill Chivers's Year Without Clothes Shopping, various personal color systems including David Zyla and the seasons based systems, and image consultation experts such as Brenda Kinsel and Bridgette Raes to name just a few. You can still read all of my past researches on this blog's archive for free.

In February 2015, I left my teaching job to embark on a new journey that would combine my love of psychology, visual archetypes, and the fashion systems I had tested out. I was very lucky to be introduced to Master Daniel Hur who developed an exclusive 3 tier training program in Seoul, Korea called the "Adler Identity Coaching." Master Hur has 40 years of experience with executive and life coaching and he handpicked 8 specialized Adlerian coaches to carry out his vision to the next generation. As a visual communication graduate with experience as an art director at Samsung's Advertising Agency, he has allowed me to create this new type of coaching that successfully marries together the world of psychology with image consulting.

After obtaining my Adlerian Coach certification in August, 2015, I then focused on finding the most sophisticated and tasteful image consulting trainer, whom I found in the person of Michelle Sterling. I was able to get certified by Michelle's Sterling Style Academy last October-November, 2015, for image consulting as well as astrology based image consulting.

Upon my return, I focused on my local clientel as well as getting my business underway. As I have recently found my new home office in the prosperous and cosmopolitan area of Gangnam District (the Southbank of Han River), I am expanding my consultations to abroad clients.

Here are the distinctive features of an Adler Fashion Coaching (AFC) session:

  • AFC is an image consultation service that is the world's first to offer a psychology based fashion system.
  • AFC clients discover their Adler Identity Archetype via an Identity Assessment and for one-on-one private coaching via Early Memories Assessment. 
  • Clients receive a percentage based Identity Archetype Key and are briefed on what their unique raw scores mean, how they compare to the general population, and what their distinctive Archetypal traits are eg. their motivations driven Life Goals, their Operational Values for work and relationships, as well as critical Stressors and Compensations(Rewards).
  • Once the clients understand their Key Archetypal Traits and are confirmed in their Adler Identity Archetype, clients receive an illustrated guide on how their psychological traits are expressed in visual forms and style icons.
  • Then clients learn about the 3 Style Factors & 8 Visual Elements of Expressing their Archetype.
  • Clients are encouraged to have a hairstyle makeover and to create their Archetype's Starter Wardrobe and Makeup Kit.
  • With a shopping strategy for the upcoming 6-12 months and a review of how to put together their Archetypal Signature Looks, the 3rd session ends.
  • Within the 3 months of living in their Archetypal Wardrobe Elements, clients may opt for email assistance and correspondence.
  • Before & After photos are welcomed for future reference and refinement consultations.

How does Adler Fashion Coaching differ from other fashion systems or consultations?
  • There is no 'guess work' involved in figuring out your Identity Archetype. Your Identity Archetype Key asks you a set of questions which are answered in raw score format, which is then processed at the Adler Human Center Korea (formerly known as Adler Coaching Academy Korea) and returned to you in percentages form. You will know what Archetype you are based on how you answered, which is calculated against our database of Archetypes distribution.
  • For one-on-one clients the private session includes a confirmation of Identity Archetype through Early Memories Assessment which clarifies any doubts that may be arising for the clients. 
  • The Adler Identity Archetype Key may later be used for various life coaching issues; because it is a solid psychology based assessment, many of our clients return to work on various pressing issues in their lives, ranging from work relationships to marriage and child rearing, self improvement.
  • The Color system used in AFC is a more fluid system than the widely known seasonal color analysis, and the 3 Style Factors covers such things as color contrast and color flow. Color recommendations are made based on natural hair color or dyed hair color as per client's choosing.
  • In the one-on-one AFC consultation, clients get a custom selected hairstyle reference that they can take communicate with their hairstylist.
  • Clients can freely choose what type of Starter Wardrobe and Makeup Kit they create based on their Adler Identity Archetype. If your current and most significant life goal is career focused, you will create Starter Wardrobe for work, if you want a romance oriented wardrobe we will find feminine and alluring outfits for you, and if you are a busy-mom who needs an on-the-go wardrobe, that is what we'll create.
  • In creating their 6-12 months shopping list, clients are given budget-friendly strategies and shopping tips on which items to invest in and which items they should save on.

Adler Fashion Coaching Online is currently available for one-on-one sessions via Skype. Please contact for appointments and inquiries.

Adler Fashion Coaching ::: Client Testimonials

Client: Ms. Chang, Financial Advisor at Samsung Insurance

Prior to Adler Fashion Coaching, Ms. Chang would often describe herself as a bubbly, charming character. She was surprised to discover after her Adler Identity Assessment that her Archetype Key was a "Superiority Seeking Archetype." Ms. Chang was known at her company as a star player and a marketing genius with an unbeatable MVP Awards record. Once we went over how her main Life Goal was in fact a 'results oriented' one with a higher focus on 'Tasks' rather than on 'People' she was able to see that even though her 'Conscious Self' was the charming people-oriented person, that when it came to draw the line in the sand, she did ALWAYS favor results over people pleasing.

This is one of the fascinating things about getting your Adler Identity Archetype Assessment done. Majority of clients almost always consciously know the smaller facet of their Identity Archetype, because their Primary Archetype is largely 'Unconscious' to them. It is really similar to the Johari Window where most individuals do not have access to the FULL PICTURE of their personality of Life Goals. 

The Superiority Seeking Archetypes often feel that putting on makeup on looking 'dolled up' is a colossal waste of their time. As a result, the bigger transformations happen with this Archetype! In Ms. Chang's case, she was delighted to learn how to apply makeup properly, especially how to draw the eyeliner... She also learned the power of blush and eyebrow shaping.

At the end of her makeover and photo shoot, Ms. Chang noted that one of the biggest changes and benefits she felt she received was regarding her new suits. She said that previously, she never felt sure about her style, so she always went for bargain hunting and cheaper clothes. Once she knew what worked best for her, she immediately cleared out her closet, and went straight to a higher end boutique and splurged on a few quality suits for work. 

As a sales star, Ms. Chang regularly promotes her services through gift packages and the left photo is her Before image, and the right is from her photo shoot for her After pic : 

Caption: Ms. Chang's Before & After Photos for Adler Fashion Coaching

* * *

Client: Sarah Charrois, Cosmetician & Mother of Four Children

Mrs. Charrois wanted to know her Adler Identity Archetype after getting lost in another fashion system. She had unsuccessfully tried and emotionally and financially invested in figuring out her authentic style by going through all of the offered types, and she had even documented all of her outfits, hairstyle makeovers, and makeup trials in photos, and asked others for input on what looked the best on her. By the time she found us, she was visibly upset that despite the hours she had spent familiarizing herself learning about the types and shopping to find her look, she still hadn't come to a clear cut solution.

As Mrs. Charrois felt unsure and divided from her own Adler Identity Archetype Assessment, we explored further to uncover her Early Memories. And through these memories and belief statements, we were able to know which Adler Identity Archetype she was living and operating from. Her primary Archetype turned out to be 'Control and Management Seeking Archetype' even though she initially responded as a 'Comfort Seeking Archetype.' We were able to trace back to her early role in her family of origin and her relational pattern to her mother, and it was this that had led her to feel like an Identity Archetype that was not naturally her own.

Caption: Ms. Charrois's Before & After Photos for Adler Fashion Coaching

Mrs. Charrois was pregnant when we had our coaching sessions, so her shopping list focused on a few key items for her pregnancy period. We also worked out that for her Archetype's Signature Look, she would do well with her French inspired Gamine styles. We introduced a jacket and vest look for her, and she discovered that she was very drawn to a clean pinstriped shirt look for a sophisticated everyday outfit. 

Caption: Sample Pages from Mrs. Charrois's One-on-One Adler Fashion Coaching Session

To read Mrs. Charrois's written testimonial please click here: Sarah Charrois on AFC

* * *

Client: Sophia Lee, Educator & Stay at Home Mother of Three Children

Here are the words from Mrs. Lee on how AFC has helped her.
"What I love most about Adler Fashion Coaching is that it cut down my shopping time to a fraction of what it used to be. I tend to get into an analysis paralysis when shopping for myself, and for most products. Now, I can go to any store and confidently and instantly know what to ignore and what to buy. Case in point, my shopping for my summer ice-cooling pants which is very popular in Korea. Normally, I would pick up each offered pants in the colors offered in the store; trying to envision what colors the pants would go with the tops I have at home. This time round, because I knew what colors worked best for my Adler Identity Archetype, and what silhouettes and patterns worked and what didn't, I could zero in on the two choices and bought them both because I knew I would wear both of them well! Super easy! And stress-free!
As Jessica went through my wardrobe and she pinpointed exactly what to look for in my garments. I learnt from my sessions that there was a reason why some of the clothes I had bought never got worn after one or two trials, and why I kept reaching for the same clothes. I used to shop various styles because the stores suggest what's in season and on trend; but now I know why that cutesy looking neon dress which felt like a good idea at the time doesn't work on my figure, and most of all, I discovered for the first time that I have a high preference for tighter and more form-fitting clothes! My favorites turned out to be fine-ribbed fabrics and tightly-knit medium thickness fabrics. I've had two babies with a third on the way, and I have found that these textures hide my figure flaws really well and I love how they give me a slimmer look. 
       I also love my new hairstyle. My go-to fashion icon was Princess Kate Middleton
       and I love how put together and chic she looks. The colors she wears mirror well
       the colors I wear year round."

* * *

Client: Master Hur, President of Adler Human Center Korea

This is to give an idea of a male client whose Adler Identity Archetype is primarily a Pleasing & Pleasure Seeking Archetype. Master Hur tended to dress in a sharp black suit with a very high contrasting white shirt, which is one of the most common and most worn corporate suit styles in Asia. 

As you can see, Master Hur's natural and authentic characteristics are best emphasized in colors that harmonize with his light, bright personality! He looks more vibrant and much younger than he does in the high contrast suit outfit!

 * * *

OK, my readers! 
I hope these descriptions & testimonials give you a fair idea of what Adler Fashion Coaching provides. 

Please email to book your sessions or to inquire further!

Love & Light,

Jessica FlatShoenista (Jessica Ahn)

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