Feb 26, 2017

[Fashion Column] Invest in Your Hairstyle - All About The Bob Cut

20 Ways to Create Your Own Style Series No.3
Principle 3. Invest in Your Hairstyle

At the end of the day, even when all clothes and makeup come off, your hair still sits on top of your head affecting your overall appearance. Making it THE starting point of your style statement. If you are in your favorite suit, but your hair is not styled appropriately, it will miss the sharp, professional edge. Because your hair frames your entire face, experts call this the ‘Crown’ of your look. Furthermore, the eyes always travel upwards to meet a person’s eye level, and the hair will always be in the periphery of vision field. These are some of the reasons for spending a good buck on your hairstyle.

My female readers, have you ever gone to your hairdresser and asked for a gorgeous hairstyle you picked out from the magazine, only to be refused? I’ve had plenty of those in my lifetime. When I asked why the h not, I would often be told, “Well, because you have told me that you’re not fond with blow drying your hair at home. Remember, you’re a wash and go gal!” Which was a fair call. I towel dry my hair and I’m outta there. Usually. It is true I wouldn’t be able to do my hair like the picture by myself on a daily basis.

Well, this old me, during my training as an image consultant began to amass thousands of hair photos, with the determination that this time, I will get my hair exactly the way I want it! I would be up 2 to 3 nights hunting for the right hair image. Thanks to Google the work paid off. But as I repeated this process, I came to realize an important point. There were only TWO KINDS of HAIRSTYLES!

That’s right. According to my research, a woman’s hairstyle falls largely into just two camps. One is the Bob Cut, the other is the Non-Bob Cut. The previously mentioned gorgeous hair that I wasn’t able to style for myself usually falls into the non-bob. And the hairstyle that I tend to admire on everyday women, like my friends who had good style or peers on my campus or on the streets who do their own hair but look great, those tended to fall into the Bob Hair! Of course, there are celebrities who look drop dead gorgeous in Bob styles, but we’re focusing on us in this column…

Let’s go over some of the merits of a Bob Haircut. First, bob cut is easy to take care of for the everyday woman. Compared to other styles, a bob requires minimal effort and yet has enough of a shape and allows for a variety of styles. Second, a bob is a girl’s best friend. Maybe not so in the Beatle’s era, but a bob cut due to its length, distinguishes us from males, giving us that feminine allure. Third, a bob accommodates to a wide range of face shapes, and it gets updated with the trends so it is unlikely to get boring!

The Bob Hairstyle Gallery

- Classic Bob Bob hairstyle is usually cut somewhere between your ears and your chin. The mood varies where you part your hair and how much of your neckline is exposed.

- Bang Bob Adding a bang to a bob gives an entirely different look. It covers your forehead so your face gets a new shape. A blunt bang gives off that Cleopatra vibe, and a parted bang with less locks can make you look like a Japanese school girl. The bang could be straight hair or wavy, and depending on its length, your eyes become the focal point and creates a relationship with your chin and jawline.

- Layered Bob A short layered bob can give you a fresh youthful charm, and depending on how many layers you go for can create diverse looks. Because the layers are able to complement your facial flaws very well, many Hollywood celebrities have had success with this style. Jennifer Anniston got her fame with The Rachel, which is a layered bob with highlights that came to her chin. I believe it was sensational because the hairdresser could easily adjust the style to enhance the clients’ image!

- Inverted Bob This hairstyle has a longer front and a shorter back. A lot of professional women prefer this cut as it keeps a clean neckline for their suit jackets. This style is also great because even from the side view, the hair looks sleek and styled, and sculptural.

- Asymmetrical Bob This bob has a mismatched left and right length, and the diagonal it creates forms a dynamic and sporty attitude.

- Wavy & Shaggy Bob Karlie Kloss sensationalized the wavy bob and the editorials followed suit. A wavy bob that is more controlled with big body curls can be sophisticated looking but it could also age you. Idol star Taylor Swift prefers the rougher rock-chic shaggy bob, and this style also needs warning, as it can make you look like a lion! It is however, a great style for Adler Identity type called Superiority Seeking.

- Side-swept & Edgy Bob This is a variation on the bang bob, where the bang is much longer and swept away to the side. Victoria Beckham is known to have started with a sharp inverted bob, added layers to it, then style her bang to the side with lots of edgy sharpness and created her own Bob Statement!

- The LOB The long bob has gotten a new nickname, ‘The Lob’ and it is one of the most recent trends on the street and in Tinsel Town! Model Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Olivia Palermo, Jessica Alba, et al have all sported this chic do!

Bob or Non-Bob, it is now time to create our Very Own Bob Statement!
Have a stylish week my readers!

From thawing Seoul, Jessica Ahn

Feb 9, 2017

What To Wear This Valentine's Day 2017 - Two Styles in Starlet & Sophisticate

Hi readers!
Here are my two recommendations for this February 14th~
Remember that men are born visual creatures...
Choose a red dress that compliments your skintone (warm/cool), and make sure that it shows off your waistline well. And a little skin. Not too much but enough to make him remember your femininity and perhaps vulnerability... 

This outfit is in part inspired by the YSL Fragrance *Parisienne* 
I tested this a week ago at the Hanoi Airport and it is a lovely chic fragrance.
The Starlet outfit is a perfect mix of an *urban young lady meets Gamine* feel~ 
The dress has a deep V neckline which is sexy with added black bows that makes the outfit totally unique. Keep your hair well coiffed in a casual romantic mood with a half up-do hair in curls.
For makeup, use shimmery glowy powders to give that rising star look~

Punch up the color palette with a satin bow clutch, perfect for any evening. Later you can wear it with your tuxedo style boyfriend jackets on weekends~~ ^_^
Shoes can be peep toe kitten heel sandals to round out your romantic dinner look. Keep your jewelry simple in gold and in keeping with your color palette. 

This outfit for Valentine's Day Dinner Date was inspired by the YSL Fragrance Black Opium. I was looking for a more grown up perfume to wear with my floral dresses and this one turned out to be my top choice. =.) So this outfit is overall cosmopolitan and perfect for a fresh vibrant woman. 

First, her dress is red but with spaghetti straps that instantly screams *sexy and alluring* to a man. The waistline is lightly ruched and it even has crossover on the hem, revealing a bit of your thigh. So, all in all, it will be a very memorable image for your man. 

Hair is a natural but glamorous style with the upper part of the head kept slightly flat compared to the lower half of the hair being full-bodied curls. You want your hair to look coiffed and not beachy! The hair here is really important because it will frame your torso. 

Makeup is a red carpet type full on look, with precision given to laying down a flawless foundation and concealor base. If you feel like you are spending half on hour just on your base makeup, you're doing it right. Do not go overboard with your shimmers and highlights here; keep those well controlled just for defining your bone structure. This makeup look should feel like a fresh update of the 50s makeup but with a slightly more natural looking groomed eyebrows.

The shoes are the sexiest heels you can handle... Be sure to practice walking in them if you usually wear lower heels. Study your posture because if you slump this dress will not look right... ^^

Keep the clutch in a simple design and color. The jewelry needs one accent like a chunky bracelet as you are exposing quite a lot of your bare arms. Simple dangling earrings look great for a dinner date look. And every time you tilt your head a little bit, your eaarings will do some of the flirting FOR you!!

OK ladies. I sincerely hope you will have a magnificent evening out with your Dream Guy!
Bonne chance!

Love & Giggles,
Jessica FlatShoenista 

Street Style Outfit with a Cute It Bag - Trending Seoul Street Fashion

Hi all ~~
Here is a Polyvore, showcasing some of the best trend items in Seoul right now.

#1. Top left corner, this type of bag is hotly in trend right now.
I love how this cute yet versatile *bow-buckle-bag* can be matched well with any of your outfits. Formal, casual, and in between~ 
#2. Metallic Pleated Skirts
Pleated skirts have been a trend for a while now, but this past and current season, it has come updated in shiny coated material to jazz up your outfits~ 

Great item that can be matched easily with a wide range of tops and jackets! And with its longish length, it will span a wide range of seasons and weather! 

#3. Graphic Tshirts and Hoodies Are In! 
As you can see in the examples above, graphic tees instantly expresses a certain mood and spritzes up your wardrobe! As seen on the left, it can be coordinated with a fitted denim jacket for a pretty casual look. Or you can funk it up with a louder, bold graphic tee! Easy! 

#4. Sneakers on Trend
Since the bag, the skirt, and tees all have interesting elements, keep your footwear minimal and functional. Here, the colors have been minimalized to snow white and ivory white to inject a light, airy, Spring mood. 

#5. Jewelry 
Likewise, keep jewelry simple and within the color range to create harmony with other items.

Hope this inspires you to create your own February Trendy Outfit!
Keep fit~
Valentine's Day is coming!

Jessica FlatShoenista with The Diamond-Self Image Consulting.

Jan 10, 2017

Create Your Own Style Series - Principle No. 2 - Waistline for Women, Shoulders for Men

20 Ways to Create Your Own Style Series No.2

Principle No. 2 - Waistline for Women, Shoulders for Men

In this column, we will look at visual methods to enhance your silhouette. The silhouette is an ever changing and capricious style element, often seen in the changes in the skirt hemlines! But in actuality, there is a general guideline that works for everyone that will enhance your silhouette, depending on your gender.

Let's examine the women's silhouette first. For her, the most critical line in the entire body is the curves in the waist. Chanel may have succeeded in creating a modern suit for women in her boxy ensembles, but in most cases, enhancing and taking advantage of your feminine curves in the waist even if it is a subtle one benefits a woman's figure. Playing with this principle will help you decide the appropriate outfit for the roles you play. For instance, if you are going out on a special date night or meeting your in-laws fort he first time, you may opt for a dress or skirt suit with a distinct but controlled waistline. On the other hand, if you need a sharper look with a bit of toughness for your career advancement, you will want to forgo the exaggerated Coca-Cola bottle silhouette... How much you emphasize your waistline creates different impressions and attracts different types of attention as a woman.

As women get older, different parts of the body begin to soften and add weight. Of course, there are a few perfectly fit and trim women, but for most of us, our bodies are not how they looked in our 20s! So for most of us, the easiest visual trick in the bag to look svelte or more svelte without exercising so much is to purchase clothes that maximize our waistline! Jackets are a key player for us women, post 30s! So unless you are petite or very fit, lose those boxy unwaisted jackets. Then, take time to study your figure intently. Stand now, in front of your full length mirror. Then trace your figure noting the ins and outs, the slopes and transitions. How much of a curvature do you have. Can you distinguish your ribcage, hipbones, your flesh, and various body lines that connect these elements?

Many fashion books and magazines talk about body shapes and as a loose guideline, there is an agreement in the following categories. An exaggerated horizontal line is called an X-figure, the opposites being a straight boyish one called the I-figure, or an O-figure. With respect to your shoulders, if your hips are either larger or smaller, you would be a Y-figure or an Inverted-Triangle-figure. The important fact is, whether your waistline is very visible or not, there is rarely a human without a waist! That means, as human bodies, we are always moving and bending, and as we do so, our waistline is always there! The waistline is there to be played with, visually!

So, ever since this discovery, I spent money on dresses and jackets with a nipped waist that fit my body line. I chose my cardigan also carefully. And without extreme dieting and fitness regime, I could wear the most suitable silhouettes. I have found that for cardigans, opting for a ribbed waistline made a huge difference in the visual presentation of my figure. So, please consider this aspect when you next shop!

For men, shoulders exude masculine force. Sloping or narrow shoulders instantly benefit from moderate alterations. These shoulders need to avoid the baseball blazers type shoulders as well as raglan shoulders, as they will exaggerate the roundness and downward sloping of the shoulders. When you choose your jacket, go for a slightly padded, slightly edged, and moderately extended shoulderline. This will create an attractive effect whether it is for work or for courting women. Men also, please take a moment to appreciate your own figure in front of a mirror. Note how wide your shoulders look, but also how it looks in relation to your overall height. Then, compare how big your face is in proportion to your shoulders. These visual elements combined become your 'signature stance' and 'signature scale' as an orchestrated masculine whole. The spatial relationship between your face and shoulders will determine pretty accurately, what kind of tie looks best on you.

Every aspect surrounding your face and head matter greatly, as humans are conditioned to fix their eyes upwards rather than downwards in their interaction with others. Therefore, the upper half of your face and head being framed by your hair and hairline create an important visual symbol, while your jawline and neckline form the bottom half, leading towards the tie area which completes the 'Crown' position of your uppermost silhouette.

Test to see how far your can exaggerate your shoulderline. If you go too far, the looseness of the fabric on your body will create a reverse effect of making your body look skinnier and smaller than it actually is, so shoulder extensions must be done with moderation and discernment. For men that have ripped bodies from worktouts, you may opt for tighter fitting tops and outerwear to show off your masculinity through your sculpted muscles and curvatures. If you are average in build and bulk, padded or slightly angled shoulderlines can easily give you that regal and manly air.

As mentioned above, a tie is a great element for playing with men's silhouette. First workout your outer line via your well fitted jacket, then experiment with various ties that coordinates best with this jacket. Judging based on your face and shoulder widths, what tie creates the most effective visual? The answer could be found in two camps, one where you repeat your overall impression based on your face and shoulderline, or where you opt to balance the head and shoulders. For example, if you look like Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind, with dark features and exaggerated triangular lines in the face and shoulders, where the forehead is wide and the chin is pointed, contrasted against very big shoulders and a thinnish waist, then, by repeating this symmetry in a wide shouldered jacket with a nipped waist, and big collars-lapels with pointed triangles, a tie that has a big body in the knot with a nipped middle will continue the gorgeous exaggerated X shape nicely. If you are the quieter, gentlemanly guy, like Keanu Reeves or Edward Norton, you might like to complement your smoother lines, to up play your elegant image. Your jacket might sit only a tad bigger than your actual shoulderline, contouring your figure in an elegant gentle curve towards the waist, matched with a lapel that is sans edges and points, with a tie that is slimmer than the average tie. A slimmer tie in the right scale will actually make your head appear larger, and your shoulder appear visibly wider!

May you ladies and gentlemen enjoy a stylish 2017!

Jessica Ahn

Dec 27, 2016

20 Ways to Create Your Own Style Series - Principle 1. Unify Your Metals

20 Ways to Create Your Own Style Series #01
Principle 1. Unify Your Metals
The first principle of creating your own style is to know which metal color is best on you, and to inventory which metal color you have the most sitting in your wardrobe!

When we say metal colors, we are talking about golds, silvers, coppers, bronze, and pewter. Depending on your skin, hair, and eye colors, or if you know your Adler Identity, you can determine the best metal color for yourself.

Skintones are divided into light to dark, and warm to cool. Hair and eye colors could be low to high contrast against your skin. Asians of course are naturally born with higher contrast, as their hair colors are a variation from dark brown to ebony black. With elders possessing silvers and white hair in varying amounts.

To give generalized recommendations, there are four categories you could fall into.

People with light, clear skin with yellow base look great in bright golds.

Those with pale but low contrast colors in their skin and hair and eye combinations do well with pewters and dark silvers.

Darker skins, brown based skin, usually with more visible wrinkles usually look more vibrant in coppers and bronzes.

Those with flawless skin, very pale skin, that highly contrasts with their hair and eyes, look amazing in high shine silvers and platinum golds.

For those of you who have taken the Adler Identity Assessment, Pleasing and Pleasure Seeking Identity looks best in shiny gold, with Comfort Seeking Identity doing well with pewter and brushed silvers. Superiority Seeking Identity is matched with bronze and copper, and finally, the Control Seeking Identity wears polished high shine silvers and platinum gold with ease and an air of dignity.

Metal colors make a huge difference to a polished, sleek look for your career wardrobe. Whichever metal you choose to wear, as long as you streamline the metals throughout your attire from head to toe, you will look sharper and more professional. Bear in mind, the little things like the zippers in your dress or pants, the buttons on your jacket all count towards the metal colors. Check also the stitches and metals used in your jeans, bag and shoes, your wallet, as well as your eyewear and watches, not just your jewelry as in necklaces, earrings, tie pins and cufflinks. Women are usually guilty of mixing metals without being conscious of it, because their clothing tends to have so many design details.

Inventory your wardrobe to see which metals dominate your attire. If you happen to have a variety of metals separate your best metal colors from the rest, and group like metals together. It will cut down the time in dressing with ease, and instantly upgrade your look. You may find also the hidden gaps in your best metals, such as having gold shoes and jewelry but no bag or watch, or find that you have endless amount of silvers which you never knew!

As the year end approaches, and you’re looking for your evening and party outfits, metal colors that are streamlined and well chosen for your body colors or personality can enhance your image. Of course, there may be those individuals that say, “Well, I love mixing, and I’m going to wear mixed jewelry!” and this is not against the law, but even in those cases, it would be best to reserve the mixing of metal colors for that one statement piece that you want to draw attention to, while streamlining the rest of the details in one metal color.

Wishing you a fabulous end of year, and an even more amazing 2017!

From chilly Seoul, Jessica Ahn

Dec 15, 2016

[Brainless Dressing Tip] Coordinate Your Outfits for Winter - 3 Outers Into 10 Complete Outfits

Hello Readers!

Today, I want to share with you how you can create 10 complete outfits for the chilly months, with 3 of your favorite winter coats! :)

Instead of going out there shopping, choose 3 coats/jackets that are right for the current weather. It got awful chilly in Seoul, so I am going with 2 of my coats from last year, and a quilted jacket from fall.

Make sure that your coats/jackets are in good condition, with the right warmth, but also make sure that you have a good range; a) something a little formal, b) something casual, and c) something in between.

In the Polyvore above, I am showing you approximations to what I chose. The first one is my 'formal' coat, although it's not a classic styling, for me, it is more formal than the others and suffices my urban & daily needs.

The second is my semi-formal which I wear with my dark wash jeans. Because I am keeping it the same color range, it looks more formal-ish. And the overall silhouette is trim and lean compared to my thicker bulkier coats!

My last one is a military parka and the most casual and trendy. But since I like casual trendy clothes, and need a lot of warmth, I tend to reach for this the most.

= = =
Have you got your favorite 3?

The next step is to find the right bottoms to go with these coats. Most people own a lot more tops than bottoms, so it's easier to match things by selecting the tops last.

Choosing the right bottoms takes some thought though, because the shape and thickness of your bottoms will create the silhouette for your outfit. I was going through my stash of bottoms and as I keep putting on weight around my waist, there was a pair of faux-leather pants that I couldn't fit into... Naturally, that piece had to be weeded out...

Then, there was a pair of black corduroy pants that my Mom gave me, but these made me look too fat... so out they go! Unless I take them to a tailor for a fix up...

I started with my military parka because it was the bulkiest coat among the three. I wanted to make sure that I didn't look like hulk OR look too dull and dark like a Nazi officer... So, I put my ivory fleece-lined skinny pants for a clean contrast.

Next, I wanted to have a 'column of color' for my navy quilted jacket, so my dark wash jeans was paired with that one.

That left me with a pair of light beige skinny pants for my black coat.

= = =
The 3rd step in this process is to bring out your lovely warm knits... and other tops for the season.

Just for ease of calculating, I decided that each of my coats will have 1 pair of pants, but the pants will get 2 coordinated tops. This gives you a total of 6 ready outfits!

1. Military Parka x Ivory Skinny x Light Blue V Neck Knit
2. Military Parka x Ivory Skinny x Black Chunky Cable Knit

Depending on whether you like to layer your clothes for Winter or not, work out IN DETAIL, how you will wear your tops. Look at the color scheme in your coat and your bottom, and how the top helps or disturbs the color scheme.

Again, to have completely brainless dressing in the mornings, I assigned one layering tank tee for each knit top. The light blue V neck knit was paired with a long skyblue tank tee. And the black chunky cable knit was paired with a long cotton black tank tee.

Since I wear skinny pants a lot, I am really fussy about covering up my crotch area... So having the right LONG TANK TEE is a must for me! I have a dozen cute tops that are all too short for my skinny pants... and this is part of my dressing dilemma when I don't work out my outfits beforehand. So, think about your own body issues or lengths issues as you pair up your tops with your outers and bottoms. This is one of my key drivers for mindless shopping, when I feel like "I have nothing to wear" in my wardrobe. It just takes time to coordinate your pieces like this, and hey presto! You can totally do your shopping in your own closet!!

Moving on to my other combos...
3. Quilted Jacket x Dark Wash Jeans x Grey Cashmere Knit
4. Quilted Jacket x Dark Wash Jeans x Copper Brown Long Sleeve Tee

My cashmere knit is shortsleeved and this is the only top that doesn't need a tank tee underneath. My dark wash jeans have a nice gold stitching on it, and this is the only pair of pants where I can wear any length top. My long sleeve tee is the only top that is thin and really requires a warm tank underneath, so I am using my warmest tank tee for this one. Again, it is figuring little details like this that prevents you from indulging in expensive retail therapy! The quilted jacket is the only outerwear among the three that has very narrow shoulder/arm space... so matching these tops with my jacket widen my options for those occasions when I will be going to a overly heated restaurants etc.

5. Black Coat x Ivory Skinny x Plain Black V Neck Knit
6. Black Coat x Ivory Skinny x Wine Cardigan x Warm Grey Tank Tee

I wanted to include my favorite wine cardigan here, and the only tank tee that was left and that worked with the colors so far was my grey tank tee.

= = =
Now that I had 6 outfits using pants...
I wanted to add a dress to my coats. I had two tunic dresses from fall, which could be worn for winter... So I decided to pair them up with my black coat and my military parka. I couldn't wear my dress with my quilted jacket because the dress is sleeveless and requires warm knitwear, and that would be too thick to fit in.

Studying the colors... my black tunic dress could go with either coat. But my patterned dress is multicolored (dark brown, gold, white). So, it made more sense pairing the patterned dress with my black dress, to have a sleeker look. And naturally, the black dress was paired up with my military parka which also dresses it up a bit.

7. Black Coat x Patterned Tunic Dress x Grey Slouchy Cardigan
8. Military Parka x Black Tunic Dress x Black Fitted Cardigan

= = =
As I said before, my goal was to come up with *complete outfits*...
Meaning, I consider the bags, shoes, and scarves or hats that go with the base outfits.

Having gotten to my 8 outfits thus far, I started to bring out my scarves collection.
I began to pair up appropriate scarves for each of my outfits.

I took a look at my bags and shoes too, to see if the colors were working together or now. It's easy to end up dressing in all dark colors for winter which makes you look sturdier or heavier, and overall less feminine... So it's important to note the colors and bling-level of your bags! Also, if you already have a lot of colors going on in your outfits, you will need to have a bag that blends in with the coat color, or your hair color. Those are the easiest ways to streamline your outfit. If your colors are more uniform, then, having a bag with a little shine or bling to uplift the outfit will give you more polish and refinement.

Because I had a lot of scarves, I was able to create a 9th outfit as there were two scarves that went well with my light blue V neck knit!

1. Military Parka x Ivory Skinny x Light Blue V Neck Knit x Light Blue Polka Dot Scarf
9. Military Parka x Ivory Skinny x Light Blue V Neck Knit x Honey Yellow Velvet Scarf

As you can see, the scarf color created a very different feel for each of the outfits... And as my light blue V neck knit is my favorite top this year, I will feel like I have more options with this! Awesome!

= = =
My 10th outfit... was created with a more festive occasion in mind.
So far, all of my outfits are great for daily dressing. But December and January has a lot of family gatherings and socializing! So... I wanted to add one CRAZY COLOR...!

I fished out my bright pink knit dress with batwing sleeves...
If I ever felt like I was getting tired of all my wonderful practical well-coordinated clothes... I would be able to reach for this very trendy pink knit dress! And feel very special in it! So yes, definitely, include one sexy sassy top or dress... You might need it for a party or date night towards the end of the year!

10. Black Coat x Pink Batwing Sleeves Knit Dress x White Long Tank Tee

= = =
Icings on the Cake!

We could end here... if you've already run your 2 plus hours getting these sorted out. But, for some of you... Maybe you have other accessories like hats, gloves, and earmuffs... Because as we all know, Winter calls for these!

When I was doing my 10 outfits, I realized that I had a white angora beret and pink earmuffs... And adding those to my dresses gave an added Oomph! and Pizzazz! to my outfits. I paired the white beret with my black tunic dress & black cardigan, and the pink earmuffs with my pink knit dress.

= = =
Hosiery Control!
The last tid bit, but an important bit, is to make sure that you have the right socks and tights for each of your outfits. My dresses require thick winter tights... Thankfully I have those. At least 3-4 pairs in good condition. But after wearing my Ugg boots and my riding boots, I realized that these beasts kept eating up my socks! My regular socks were being chewed up and it was super uncomfortable... I did have some athletic socks though which are much tighter and likely won't get chewed up... But my Ugg boots is a knitted type which doesn't allow thick socks in them. Which means... the Uggs can only be worn with thick tights...

Working out all these take some time of course, but the 2-3 hours of coordinating efforts will give you Brainless Dressing every morning!

And you will have more time to coif your hair, do your makeup, and sip your favorite coffee! :)

I hope this inspires you to create your own 10 Complete Outfits!

With Love & Giggles,

Jessica Flatshoenista

Nov 1, 2016

Fashion Coaching and the City - Episode 1: Dubai

Fashion Coaching & The City
Episode 1: Dubai

So I was at Incheon Airport, my new Fendi bag strapped on my shoulder, a purple suitcase, and a laptop bag. Everything was there, all except for my passport. Things were turning into a nightmare quick.

“Hello, hey! Mr. Lee! Yes, I am here. I need your help! I have to be in Dubai for my training by Monday as you know. But… I uhm… I forgot my passport. My plane is leaving in half an hour. What to do?!”

* * *

Mr. Lee totally saved my ass. I had to go back home and fly out the next day. I felt like such a fool. The most promising moment of my life as an image consultant trainee, and of course, I have to leave my passport at home! On my dresser! *Typical!*

Well, I am now in Dubai, waiting for my trainer, the Stella Huntington at the Address Downtown Hotel lobby. I felt like I was starring in my own version of “The Devil Wears Prada.” Except that I was in Dubai, not New York City. And except that Anne Hathaway was a fresh out of college intern, and I was well, a seasoned not-yet-40-year-old fashion addict. But you get my sentiment. Ms. Huntington was someone I had been eyeing for years and years. Of all the fashion systems out there, hers had the most elite styling, the most impeccable taste level. I was her fan.

“Ms. Ahn? Am I pronouncing it correctly?”

I looked up.

She was here. Right before my eyes. My dreams were just taking flesh. I was doing it. Living my own dream. She led me to the elevator and showed me into the suite. Two students were there. One who looked younger than me, a mid-twenties girl from India. And a lady who seemed older than me, who had her own company from Jeddah. The fourth student never materialized. So it began.

* * *

The whole Dubai training experience was like a dream for me. I don’t know how many images I had collected and saved in my hard drive from Stella’s website and Facebook page album. The ladies that I envied who were taking her class, were photographed in a hotel suite just like the one I was sitting in. There was a lot of magazine cut out exercises that helped us hone our eyes on color and style. The last portion of our training brought us to the shopping mall for a complete ‘field experience.’

We used one another as our ‘fashion guinea pigs’ and interviewed each other, taking turns. The most challenging part of the training was shopping for each other. Each of us had very distinct and individual way of dressing, so trying to find the clothes that felt right for our partner was not as easy as we would have liked! But with repetition, we got better.

By far the most magical moment was when our guru took us to Zara and showed us how to create a Capsule Wardrobe. She was a genius at putting a complete set of clothes that worked well together. I had seen her do this on video from some of her online courses, but seeing her do it on location, right in front of us had a kind of immediacy and magic about it.

Working on that part of my training is where all of the previous cut out magazine work paid off too. I felt so alive, almost like a spy, taking in clothes to form a capsule into the changing room, then hanging the collection on the wall, snapping a photo. Then, sending it in to get reviewed by Stella.

Stella surprised me with a gift too. We were at the Dubai Mall, on our last day of training. I was the only one there that day, and she pointed out a Zara dress that had a black background with floral designs on it. It was the perfect ‘grown up version’ of the white floral day dress I was wearing. If I were taller and had the figure for it, I would have resembled Maggie Cheung in “In The Mood for Love.”

Dubai is where I took my first steps as an image consultant. I coined a moment to memory when I found myself alone underneath the Dior installations. White feathers, millions of them hanging from the glass ceiling… strung on clear wires, gently swaying to the movement of air… I closed my eyes and programmed my mind. Some day, I will be back here…

Back in Seoul, Jessica Ahn

Oct 17, 2016

Adler Fashion Coaching - Fall Capsule Wardrobes for 3 Identities

Here are three distinct capsule wardrobes for three of the Adler Fashion Identities~
I will do the fourth & begin men's capsule possibly this Wednesday~ 

1. The Control Seeking Style's Capsule Wardrobe

2. The Pleasing & Pleasure Seeking Style's Capaule Wardrobe

3. The Superiority Seeking Style's Capsule Wardrobe

Keep warm in the chilly winds-!

Jessica FlatShoenista